An Update Six Months in the Making!

Luisa made her NYC acting debut this fall in a co-starring role on Investigation Discovery's "Most Evil."

Luisa made her NYC acting debut this fall in a co-starring role on Investigation Discovery’s “Most Evil.”

Since last we met, Luisa has begun working in the New York market, though she continues to audition and perform in Boston as well. Her primary focus, however, has been her training at the William Esper Studio in Manhattan, where she is studying the Meisner technique under the direction of Suzanne Esper.

In recent film news, the feature Eine Liebe in New York, in which Luisa had a principal role, aired on German television this past November. The short Mail.Man, in which Luisa had a supporting role, is currently airing at festivals nationwide and was just announced as an entry in the Boston International Film Festival this April 16-20. At the Trail Dance Film Festival in January, Mail.Man took home the prize for Best Short Narrative.

In commercial news, a national commercial for Goji Insurance, in which Luisa had the lead role, has been airing on television since this fall. You may view the full spot on Luisa’s Video page. Luisa has also recently completed modeling and voiceover projects for a variety of production companies, including Nomad Pictures, Cramer Productions, and PJA Advertising.

In web series news, the fourth season of Family Problems, in which Luisa has a lead role, debuts March 26. This will mark Luisa’s debut performance in a web series.

Finally, in television news, Luisa made her NYC premiere, filming a co-starring role in November for the reboot of Investigation Discovery’s Most Evil. Luisa’s episode, titled “Deceptive Killers,” aired in January. In an homage to the bona fide rite of passage for all New York actors, Luisa’s role was that of a murder victim.

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